Market leaders in new-generation technologies for thoroughbred and camels, Medivet Pty Ltd is very proud to announce the release of the Multi-Purpose Training & Medical Delivery System for horses and camels, the MPTS360. The MPTS360 is the result of significant investment in Research & Development by Medivet Pty Ltd reinforcing itself as market leaders in cutting-edge Training Technologies through the studies performed with the most prestigious Universities in Australia to develop a state-of-the-art training system that no serious Trainer should be without.


The MPTS360 Unit encompasses both Hypoxic and Hyperoxic training capabilities and includes all necessary additional components, except the Oxygen and Nitrogen tanks. The MPTS360 also features the most advanced and most efficient Nebulizer available in the world today. This has been confirmed by the results of a study performed with one of Australia’s leading Universities, The University Of Sydney. This study confirmed that Medivet’s MPTS360’s nebuliser is 500% more efficient than ANY other Nebuliser available in the world today. The study involved a direct comparison between Medivet’s MPTS360 and Nortev’s Flexineb in relation to the breaking down of particles into the ideal particle distribution range through a Nebuliser.


MPTS 360 Case Contents

Mask Assembly After Cleaning

Mask Fitting and Nebulization




Medivet’s MPTS360 has two different types of state-of-the-art Nebulisers:

  1. Ultrasonic vibrating mesh Nebulizer with 8ml reservoir
  2. Jet Nebulizer with 8ml and 20ml reservoir powered by Oxygen, Medical Air or Compressed Air

Download the summary from the University of Sydney study here Download the full study from University of Sydney here

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